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FLASHBACK FRIDAY: A Walk on the Wild Side

Posted: Apr 01 2016

Happy Friday Fly Janes! This weeks flashback comes in the form of a subject we are VERY well versed in! It’s no secret, we speak shoe! For years, we’ve tried our hardest (and succeeded by many standards) to bring you super dope shoe options! Through thousands of styles, and hundreds of trends, we’ve had your back from high heels to low soles. So today, we are revisiting some of our faves for #FlashBackFriday! 

A bright pop of color can really take your outfit to another level! Thats why Kash Stiletto Pump in Coral Leather is easily a fave of ours! This high heal undoubtedly brings you closer to God! It’s coral color can be spotted from miles away without being overpowering! Pair it with some muted tones and let these shows speak for themselves. The height gives you legs for days! Gotta love the  Kash Stiletto Pump in Coral Leather.

One time for another pop of color!  This red shoe is SEXY to the max! The gold zipper glitters in the sunlight and the crisscrossing straps creates interesting lines that draw attention to your toesies! I mean, talk about a show stopper! This shoe commands attention! 

I mean since we're on the topic of pops of color, you gotta visit the Lust for Life Battle Wedge Bootie. Talk about texture overload! This beauty bootie is for the dare devil fly jane in all of us! You gotta rock these with confidence! I mean, you don't see a textured bootie like this everyday. Also in red, this bootie commands the attention of everyone you pass! 
Damn Daniel! Again with the textured shoe! Lol this textured honey is a little more soft-spoken, but an equal match in style. You guys posted some super dope pics with an array of hot fits pairing these with everything from jeans on a casual day, to a sexy dress for dinner. Every one of them was a home run if you ask us! But, we would never expect less from our Fly Janes in Real Life!
We've gotta testify, you guys touched the sky in these Jennifer Chou Valley Platform Wedge With this crazy heel height, you almost defied gravity! The best thing was, the wedge heel made these super comfortable and way less intimidating once you slide your foot in. Again, texture can bring variety and contrast to a shoe without screaming for attention!
If you haven't noticed, our focus this week has been giving you some awesome options in the nude color palette. This makes this #FBF all the more relevant! These Brielle Faux Suede Bootie in nude are PERFECT options for a go to shoe that isn't "plain". The later cutouts and laces really make this baby one of a kind! We've shown you that shoes like this one, should be a staple in your closet and you believed us! This shoe was one of you alls favs as well! 
Finally, we had to bring back a #FBF that showcased the animal in you! I think we can all agree the Slick Kitty Leopard Bootie was definitely a highlight of our shoe past. These animal printed booties said "Powerful" like no other! With it's metal toe, and sexy cut, everyone knew you weren't the one to play with! 

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